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This campaign will shed light on those who have lost a loved one to suicide in the African American /Hispanic/Latino community. There is no greater loss than losing your loved one to suicide. No Hope or peace for tomorrow.  Blue Moon 211 Inc. will use your loved one pictures to display for educational purposes only when attending workshops, events, and displayed at conventions. Our lives do matter, give back to the community by releasing your power. To include a block on the quilt please send a favorite picture of your loved one, their name, birth, and death date, any artwork, poem, personal message, etc. that you would like included.  The average block size is 12 x 12”, picture size should be at least 4x6” or larger, color or black and white. Include a permission form for Blue Moon  211 Inc. to use the picture. Send pictures to P.O. Box 310801 Tampa Florida 33680, Attn: Pauline Wright Henry.. Together we can make a difference. Together we will make a difference. (Promotion end  12/2017)



Take the Pledge, 
The Butterfly Pledge (Blue Moon 211 Inc.)
I pledge to love myself for whom I am.
I understand I have faults and flaws.

I am beautiful, unique, and victorious.
I will not give up on life.
I forgive you and I forgive me.
I will seek help when I am in distress.
I am in harmony and peace with my spirit.
I am free to live, love, and explore life

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