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We fall down; however, We get up !!
God lifts his children up
and carry their burdens.
He will never leave us nor will he
forsaken us.

Sometimes we cry with sorrow, pain and despair

 All we have to do is to call on our Father for our
comfort and needs.

We become scattered sheep’s
without a shepherd. Looking
for green pastures. It has been
said," I am the Good Shepard, follow me
and I will lead the way." I will restore
whatever you are looking for. I
will give you all the abundance on this earth
as it is in heaven. You will forever have peace
and harmony through out all the days
Of your life.

Faith is what brought us here,
faith is what will keep us. We are all God’s
children; the just and the unjust. The righteousness will live by faith. When you see yourself falling look up.


We are asking you or your company for any contribution, it will be appreciated.  

Your generosity depends upon our success. Your generosity will help our community bring our children out of the darkness and into the light.

God’s light to a better tomorrow.

A community fights against darkness; A spiritual fight to save a soul!!!

Feeding the multitude with Hope, Love, and Peace uniting as one to
Preserve Our Future.



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