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International Youth Empowerment Coalition Task                                         Force                              {JOIN US}





We will inspire our youth to empower their peers with positive reinforcement; with a zealous effort to bring peace, hope, harmony, and love for a better tomorrow.


Mission statement:
Our primary focus is to have youth empowering others to stop violence, bullying, and any other behavior that leads to personal injury. Additionally, it is our aim to develop productive young adults to be role models for each other.  Youth learning productive behavior from other youth can replace gang memberships by creating a network of youth with a spirit of friendship and community.   This will be accomplished through education, training, and learning how to become artistically creative.




  • We, as leaders, educators, parents, spiritual leaders and community leaders will join forces to unite, empowering our youths to empower their peers.


  • I understand we must support each other in training, educating, and showing empathy to our youths to instill trust, dignity, and respect.


  • I am in agreement to receive updated information through email, newsletters, phones, and webinars.


  • Regardless of color, creed, economical background, sex, age, I understand I must instill a positive image in our youths.


  • Together, we recognize that now is the time for a rapid, measurable change, and we are devoted to leading the way.”


  • May God be the Glory in the work we do to bring our children back into his covenant of peace, love, and faith; we will fulfill this promise in spirit-n-truth.

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